Friday, October 17, 2014

GNU Health Training: pics and summary

During the week of September 23rd. we provided the Functional GNU Health training in our offices in Buenos Aires. We had the opportunity to see "old friends" and, as always,  it was a real pleasure !

As we always say that there's nothing better than see practical cases,  during the training we had the chance to take our students to see an actual implementation. It was a major occasion to see the system working in real life and to ask questions.

We want to thank ALPI for the great predisposition and help.

These are some words from our students. We want to thank them again and we appreciate the confidence they placed on Thymbra's team. We look forward to providing the best possible services.
"We would like to thank very much Thymbra for the training program. It was very well planned and executed by the company staff. In a short period of time we were able to learn how to work and how to implement GNU Health. The training was not restricted to the functionalities of the system, but it also encompassed the philosophy and concepts behind its design, which made a huge difference. We are confident now that we have the necessary skills to work with GNU Health..."