Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GNU Health: towards a proactive Model of Health

Dynamic, challenging and rewarding! Providing health services is evolving towards a horizon of greater demand and integration. In the past year, the global market for electronic health systems grew by 60 billion dollars. 

Europe alone accounts for 77% of the demand for medical informatics and, according to the last census of the World Health Organization (WHO), 114 countries are working towards electronic health systems nationwide. 

However, the costs of maintaining such growth rates using proprietary software - especially because of the prices of the licenses - has driven several institutions to other paths, mostly free/libre source. Even in large-scale deployments, with coverage of millions of people and different health centers operating simultaneously, the total investment to adapt free software can be up to 40 times lower than the use of a privative one.

The greatest advances in health took place through research and cooperation. Similarly, a technology venture - to be sustainable over time and space - must have a license allowing its use, study, upgrades, distribution and redistribution of these improvements. These benefits, among others, are offered by Free Software

GNUHealth offers the comfort and efficiency of an integrated system, without jeopardizing the growth potential or the autonomy of your organization. Under the GPL license, this centralized free software system provides the functionality of an electronic medical record (EMR), an hospital and health information system (HIS), and an epidemiological report engine. Furthermore, it covers the capabilities of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) because it uses Tryton - another 100% free software framework. GNU Health is an official GNU package and was awarded by the Free Software Foundation as "Best Project of Social Benefit" in 2011.

Public health is a human right ! Just like you, in Thymbra we share a commitment for progress and quality care. The road to success is undoubtedly a collective effort, that's why we are proud to have an active community worldwide.

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Gabriela Brenes
Selene Cordara