Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tryton Unconference Barcelona #TUB2013

For the third consecutive year now, Thymbra will attend the Tryton Unconference. This edition will be hosted at the city of Barcelona on November 7th - 10th, 2013.

A tradition and an unyielding duty, Free Software keeps growing amongst various community-based project, as Luis Falcón wrote some time ago:
... When I talk about Free Software, I talk not only about freedom, but also community and good will from the software author. The latter is probably the most important one... 
... You write Free Software because you want to contribute to the community. It's an act of social activism. It's about sharing and helping out.

...So, a word of advice: make sure you use Free Software. This is more than just a license. They should be community-based projects.... (Source)

Therefore we decided to cooperate and contribute with Tryton, among other institutions, and all together we decided to create a Foundation.

In contrast to their parent project and other open-source business software, the Tryton founders avoided creating a partner network, which tends to generate confrontation and duality between  partners and the community of volunteers. They followed the PostgreSQL example instead, where the project is driven by a federation of companies.[6]

As of December 2012, the project is supported by TRYTON, a Belgian private foundation, selflessly pursuing a rather noble cause. The foundation's missions are:[7]
  •     Develop and support conferences, meetings and community activities
  •     Hold and administer the infrastructure
  •     Organize the community of supporters
  •     Manage and promote the Tryton trademark

The release process is based on series. Simply stated, series is a set of releases with the same two first numbers (e.g. 1.0 or 1.2), that share the same API and the same database scheme. A new series appears every six months and new versions in older releases are introduced when bugfixes are available.[8] (Source Wikipedia

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet the Tryton Community in Barcelona and visit the breathtaking view of this city.

We hope to see you there!