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Tryton Unconference Barcelona #TUB2013

For the third consecutive year now, Thymbra will attend the Tryton Unconference. This edition will be hosted at the city of Barcelona on November 7th - 10th, 2013.

A tradition and an unyielding duty, Free Software keeps growing amongst various community-based project, as Luis Falcón wrote some time ago:
... When I talk about Free Software, I talk not only about freedom, but also community and good will from the software author. The latter is probably the most important one... 
... You write Free Software because you want to contribute to the community. It's an act of social activism. It's about sharing and helping out.

...So, a word of advice: make sure you use Free Software. This is more than just a license. They should be community-based projects.... (Source)

Therefore we decided to cooperate and contribute with Tryton, among other institutions, and all together we decided to create a Foundation.

In contrast to their parent project and other open-source business software, the Tryton founders avoided creating a partner network, which tends to generate confrontation and duality between  partners and the community of volunteers. They followed the PostgreSQL example instead, where the project is driven by a federation of companies.[6]

As of December 2012, the project is supported by TRYTON, a Belgian private foundation, selflessly pursuing a rather noble cause. The foundation's missions are:[7]
  •     Develop and support conferences, meetings and community activities
  •     Hold and administer the infrastructure
  •     Organize the community of supporters
  •     Manage and promote the Tryton trademark

The release process is based on series. Simply stated, series is a set of releases with the same two first numbers (e.g. 1.0 or 1.2), that share the same API and the same database scheme. A new series appears every six months and new versions in older releases are introduced when bugfixes are available.[8] (Source Wikipedia

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet the Tryton Community in Barcelona and visit the breathtaking view of this city.

We hope to see you there!

Tryton version 3.0 released !

Original source
Versión en Español

We are happy to announce the 3.0 release of Tryton.

This release brings a new calendar view for the graphical user interface and sees the result of a large refactoring of the code started 2 years ago with the project python-sql. But also as usual there are many bug-fixes, improvements and new modules (see below).
Of course, migration from previous series is fully supported.

Major changes in graphical user interface

  • A calendar view is now available. It allows to display records on a calendar using a start and/or an end date/datetime fields. It supports the Drag & Drop of events and the edition on double-click. The view is optimized to fetch only the events displayed.

    production calendar
  • The URL scheme, introduced in 2.0, is now accessible at the bottom of all tabs. This URL allows to open the same tab on any other client.

  • The request has been removed. It is suggested to use emails with URL instead.
  • The selected records in list view is remembered between sessions.

Major changes on the server side

  • The server uses now python-sql to generate the SQL queries. This change brings a better compatibility with all the different Databases currently supported (and also with the future ones).
  • The searcher method can now return a full domain (instead of one limited to AND clause only).
  • The older order_field attribute is replaced by method order_<field name> to be more modular.
  • The database backend can be loaded dynamically which means it is possible to define one in a external package of trytond.
  • The performance of MPTT storage has been improved by removing the default order and reducing the number of queries.
  • A new attribute grouped can be added on the data tag. It allows to create all the records of the same Model at once. This improves the installation time of modules with large sets of data.
  • It is possible to define a default order on the Action Window.


  • Many modules have been adapted to a new design to link generated documents with their origin. Instead of copying the code of the origin as reference, a Reference field is used and most of the time the field is on the lines. This brings a better vision of the links between documents without loosing information when merge of documents occurs.


  • A new wizard appears to ease the creation of the balance move for non-deferral accounts at the end of the fiscal year.
  • All accounts of a chart must always be in the same company. This constraint improves drastically the performance of computing the debit/credit.
  • Any move posted with one line of zero is automatically reconciled if it is on an account to reconcile. With this feature, invoices with amount of zero are automatically marked as paid.
  • The centralised counterpart option on journal has been removed.

Account Invoice

  • Once an invoice is posted, the account move is used to show the amounts instead of computing it from the lines. This improves a little bit the performance especially for invoices with a lot of lines.

Account Statement

  • Now it is possible to directly set an invoice on a statement line. This will fill the party and account automatically.


  • It is now possible to query the stock quantity with any kind of grouping parameters. For example, it can be used to compute the stock quantity of a lot instead of a product.
  • The code of inventory has been reworked to allow easy customization of the move creation and also of the unique constraint on the inventory lines.
  • The period cache can now be adapted to cache different kind of grouped quantities.

Stock Lot

  • The quantity and forecast quantity fields have been added on lot.
  • It is now possible to create inventories with lot.
  • The period cache stores also the quantities per lot.

Stock Supply

  • A new wizard appears to create automatically internal shipments.
  • If there are late supplier moves when creating purchase requests, the wizard shows a warning to allow the user to change the date of those moves into the future if needed otherwise those incoming moves will be ignored.

New modules

  • The Bank module defines the concept of bank and account.
  • The Account Dunning module allows to manage the dunning following a procedure with different levels.
  • The Account Dunning Letter module adds the generation of a letter when processing dunnings.
  • The Sale Invoice Grouping module adds an option to define how invoice lines generated from sales will be grouped.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"La Perla del Norte", pionera del software libre

Quinta ciudad más poblada de Chile, Antofagasta sería la cuna de la primera implementación de software libre en un centro de salud en ese país. La Clínica Cumbres del Norte de Antofagasta recibió a un equipo de Thymbra para capacitarse en los aspectos funcionales y técnicos de Tryton y GNU Health. 

El pasado mes de julio la clínica había iniciado sus pruebas con ambas plataformas, y tanto el personal administrativo, como los trabajadores del área de salud, reconocieron la idoneidad de ambos sistemas para sus necesidades institucionales.

En diálogo con el portal Aukin,el ingeniero de sistemas Víctor Gallego, miembro del grupo a cargo de la migración a GNU Health, comentó: “Este es un primer paso y las potencialidades son inmensas para el país, sobre todo para las comunidades”. Para él, “este es un rubro donde uno puede impulsar cambios y dejar de alimentar un sistema injusto”.

Por su parte, Ricardo Astudillo, asesor en GNU/Linux y parte del equipo, afirmó estar “muy contento por estos acontecimientos” y extendió la invitación al resto del país para "sumarse a este lindo proyecto de migrar las Clínicas y Hospitales chilenos” al Software Libre. 
Los procesos de mercantilización de la salud en Latinoamérica han tenido un especial impacto en este país transandino, por lo que muchos centros  enfrentan hoy enormes dificultades para cumplir con los precios siderales de las licencias corporativas. Astudillo decía al respecto: “la cantidad de dinero que se puede ahorrar en licencias informáticas es astronómica, y se mide literalmente en millones de dólares. Lo que pudiera significar una mejoría importante en el ámbito de la salud pública”.

Ante esta realidad y con miras a su expansión en el 2014, la Clínica Cumbres del Norte emprendió su búsqueda por un sistema informático eficiente, integral, y con la estabilidad y adaptabilidad suficientes para soportar los cambios venideros. 
"Después de mucha averiguación y discusión interna, la dirección médica y administrativa de la empresa optó por el camino del Software Libre, aunque no existe experiencia previa en Chile en este ámbito", indicó el portal Aukin.

Al final de la semana de training, los equipos local y visitante se mostraron más que satisfechos con la experiencia. 

 Antofagasta, una mina de ideas

  • Población: 346 126 habitantes (2.1% de la población total del país)
  • Se estima que Antofagasta es la ciudad con mayor ingreso per cápita de Chile. Sin embargo, es la segunda ciudad más cara para vivir, compartiendo el rango con Santiago y Punta Arenas. 
  • Es una de las ciudades con mayor presencia de profesionales extranjeros
  • Sede de dos festivales de cine: el "Festival Internacional de Cine de Antofagasta" (Ficiant) y el "Festival Internacional de Cine del Norte de Chile" (Ficnor)
  • Esta ciudad y puerto al norte chileno es la zona minera por excelencia. En los últimos 30 años ha mostrado un desarrollo a pasos agigantados, no sólo en términos urbanos, sino también en rubros como la construcción, el comercio y la hotelería.

Thymbra. La empresa Thymbra ofrece capacitaciones no sólo en Tryton, sino también en el software libre GNU Health, destinado para la gestión hospitalaria y la información de la salud.
Para más información sobre los cursos y capacitaciones:

Teléfono: (+54 11) 4773-9666 (CABA)
Consultas, solicitudes o cotizaciones:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GNU Health Intensive Functional Training in Barcelona !

Thymbra, a leader IT company specialized in Free/Libre ERPs and Medical Informatics, is proud to announce the 1 Day Intensive GNU Health Functional Training !

The event will be held in Barcelona on Nov. 11th. right after the TUB 2013: Tryton Unconference Barcelona. 

It's going to be a very intensive and comprehensive training that will allow you to gain the basic and necessary knowledge you'll need to use the system.

Some of the content and goals are:
  •     Installing and configure a Health Center with GNU Health.
  •     Understanding the functional aspects of GNU Health.
  •     Working with the software daily.
  •     Configuring GNU Health using standard modules ... (to list a few).

We suggest the Training to medical professionals, health researchers, system developers and IT Professionals in charge of health organizations among others.

Our best professionals will be there to teach you and anwser all your questions. Don't miss this amazing opportunity, book your seat today !

More info at: