Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thymbra Academy: Tryton Training

Last week, at Thymbra's offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), we held the Tryton Training for Sílex Sistemas.

We always really enjoy the academy's weeks. They are a great place for learning and meeting new people.

We want to thank Roberto Novaes and Iasmini Gomes from Sílex Sistemas, it has been a pleasure knowing you and we're positive you'll become part of our Free Software community !

Here are few words from our students:
" ... You have shown a deep knowledge of Tryton and a great capacity to transmit that knowledge. We have enjoyed a lot the training sessions and we can for sure say that, although Tryton is a Free Software project and we can learn a lot from the community, the time we have saved taking the course is huge, making the so called 'learning curve' almost a 'straight line'.
We also would like to point the real and deep commitment of Thymbra team to Free Software values, proving that a business can make money, but also be ethical and retribute to the community. We would recommend the course and services to anyone interested. We also feel that we have created a relationship with a new partner, and that this relationship will prove itself fruitfull in the future ... " Roberto Novaes and Iasmini Gomes

Monday, July 8, 2013

GNU Health version 2.0.0 released !

Dear All:

I'm proud to announce the release of GNU Health 2.0.0 !

This version comes after 5 months of very hard work, and brings the best version so far. The following highlights some of the main achievements of this version :
  • Compatible with Tryton 2.8
  • GNU Health Installer . An easy OS-independent server installation method
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases - Chagas Module
  • Domiciliary Unit model.
  • Integration with OpenStreetMap (OSM) for realtime geolocation of the Domiciliary Units and other demographic and epidemiological studies.
  • WHO essential medicines is now a module
  • Improve hospitalization module : Bed transfers wizard
  • New Demographics section and functionality on individuals and families
  • Pre-operative ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) Physical Status Classification System
  • Revised Cardiac Risk Index
  • Extended Patient Identification registration
  • Improved navigation and view layouts
  • Improved Documentation (on Wikibooks:
Bug fixes and many other contributions and suggestions have been incorporated to this version.

UPGRADE : If you plan to upgrade your database from existing releases, please follow the instructions under the "scripts" directory. Before doing the upgrade, double check that you have backed up both your kernel and database !

Documentation: The documentation portal on Wikibooks ( is being re-written with a new format, more comprehensive and easier to follow. The first four chapters and the installation section are pretty much done, and we are working every day to update all remaining chapters.

Enjoy GNU Health 2.0 and thank you for contributing to a better and more just Public Health using Free Software !

Luis Falcon
President, GNU Solidario