Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update for OpenERP client migration to Tryton

As we told you few months ago, Thymbra started to migrate an OpenERP client to Tryton (see full article here).

Because of a significant growth in his companies, Agustín Wisky (the vicepresident of four companies dedicated to the selling of parts and accesories in the automotive sector) started to look for an ERP that could help to improve all the process, in the short term and in a very flexible way.

After the initial choice of OpenERP, we all agreed that Tryton was the best option and that is why we started the migration.

Agustín was also present  during the first Tryton Academy. It was the right place for questions, doubts and, above all, to learn a lot !

Sebastián Marró, Agustín Wisky, Ignacio Parszyk
Thymbra`s team and Agustín prepared a schedule in order to make this migration a great success story. Stay tune for more news about this project !    

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