Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thymbra at the Tryton Unconference, Liege - 2011

Sebastían Marró

As you know, last week Sebastián Marró (from Thymbra) attended the  Tryton Unconference, Liege 2011.

It was a great and rewarding experience.  It gave us the chance to meet extraordinary talented people, to share interesting presentations and to spread some knowledge around.

Sebastián had the opportunity to present the GNU Health Project. The conference gave space to talk about how Thymbra is working on the Argentinian localization and how, with  the community, we can contribute to the development and growth of Tryton.

Cedric Krier,Sebastián Marró, Mathias Behrle, Udo Spallek
Another very interesting topic was the creation of the Tryton Foundation (which is already underway), whose main pourpose is to protect the Tryton Free Software. The workshops helped to create the right enviroment to discus and develop new features.

The TUL 2011 Group
All the pictures are a courtesy of OpenLabs India! You can find more at:

Another group picture.
A special thanks to B2CK and all the people in the TUL2011 Organization. It was great meeting you all, and we hope to see you again next year !