Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thymbra Academy OpenERP at Grupo DANONE Argentina

Upon request, please find hereunder the English version of the:

During the week of July 18-22, within the framework of the Functional and Technical support of OpenERP to Grupo DANONE Argentina, we carried out the Thymbra Academy OpenERP training of Danone's team.

Danone's Team with their Diplomas at Danone's

The Functional Training was held at Thymbra's office in Buenos Aires. Let me remind you that the Functional Trainings are basic, intensive and totally practical.

The main goals are:
  • To understand the functional concepts.
  • To work with the software daily.
  • To configure the software using the standard modules
  • To apply the general configuration of the system administrator
  • To change existing work-flows

    Functional Group at Thymbra's
The Technical Training was held directly at the office of Grupo DANONE Argentina in Buenos Aires. The Technical Trainings are addressed to developers and administrators.

The main goals are:
  • To understand the concepts of development and architecture
  • To install and administrate OpenERP
  • To develop new OpenERP modules
At the end of the Academy the students got their Diploma of Assistance. Our thanks and appreciation to the participants and to Grupo Danone for their trust and confidence in Thymbra.