Wednesday, February 4, 2015

GNU Health ACADEMIA in Spain - February 2015

We're announcing the GNU Health Academia (in English) for the week of February 16th-20th, 2015 in Las Palmas (Spain).

These are intensive and personalized trainings that ensure optimal performance an coaching.

Some objectives on the functional side are:

• Installing and configure “from scratch” a Health Center with GNU Health.
• Understanding of the functional aspects of GNU Health.
• Working with the software daily.
• Configuring GNU Health using standard modules.
• Applying the general configuration of the system administrator.
• Modifying existing workflows.
• Promoting the advantages and benefits of a Free Health and HIS

Some objectives on the technical side are:

• Understanding of developing concepts and architecture.
• Installation and managing of Tryton – GNU Health.
• Developing a new Tryton – GNU Health module.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

GNU Health: Argentinian Tour

Last week we had the pleasure to have people from Chile and Mexico in the offices of Thymbra in Buenos Aires (Argentina). These professionals were interested in seeing the use of GNU Health in the everyday life of a hospital and/or medical center.

We decided then to give them a tour at the Hospital Joseph LISTER Seguí (Entre Ríos, Argentina) thanks to Patricia Vivas, Cecilia Santos Popper, Alejandro Ferreyra and Fernando Sassetti; and at the Medical Center ALPI (Buenos Aires, Argentina) thanks to Ricardo Torres and Pablo Padulles.

Once again, our greatest appreciation to all the people involved in this event, for their cooperation and friendly attitude !

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